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Zwirn wachsen und entwachsen – eine Art Tutorial

Ich dachte, ich erzeuge mal ein Mini-Tutorial auf deutsch über das Wachsen von Zwirn zum Buchbinden – bzw. auch das Entwachsen, wenn man das so nennen kann. Wer lieber meine Stimme hört, kann sich das Video anschauen. Für alle die … Continue reading

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Paper Repair and Philosphy

How much can you add to an item to repair it, without it loosing its identity? The classical problem is formulated by using a ship as an example: Every now and then a plank would get replaced, and by and … Continue reading

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I want to learn to operate a letter press! Unfortunately this is one thing that I can’t learn in my studio by reading a book, so I’ll have to earn some money before I can do this. There are many … Continue reading

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“An artist is a human who looks into the world, sees that there is something missing, and then has to make it since no-one else seems to do it.” I read something along these lines from somewhere, probably a quotation … Continue reading

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