Explain the names

On all bookbinding related internet platforms I am buechertiger. You might wonder what the names buechertiger and the blog title “verzwirnt und zugeleimt” mean.

If you guessed that they are German then you are right. Buechertiger or Büchertiger could be translated as book tiger.  I like cats, I think cats and books/reading somehow belong together, and sometimes I feel like one. (A cat that is, not a book. And I am thinking of the fat, lazy, oven-lying type of cat not the slender, hunting type). Moreover, I thought of the term ‘paper tiger’ when I chose ‘book tiger’ as opposed to, say ‘book cat’.

About the blog title. As you may know, one of the features of the German language is that it’s so easy to simply make up new words. I would be really surprised if you could find the word “verzwirnt” or “zugeleimt” in a dictionary. But those familiar with German word-building would probably understand them as:

“verzwirnt”: a condition into which you get if you tried to do something with thread, and it went wrong

“zugeleimt”: something covered in glue and now is either wholly covered or can’t be opened anymore

But there is still something more about it. There is a common curse in German : “verzwickt und zugenäht” – and this sounds very similar. So, all in all, my blog title says: “Oh man, it went wrong again!” it refers to me liking to discover things myself – by means of trial and often many errors.

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