Worktable Weekend

Yawn, I like bookkeeping more when someone gives the book to me as a gift and keeping it essentially means shelving it. – So I’ll rather show you some pictures from last Wednesday:

Gähn, Buchhaltung ist irgendwie lustiger, wenn es darum geht, ein Buch in der Hand zu halten. – Da zeige ich euch lieber Bilder vom letzten Mittwoch:

My “dark Coptic binding“. Above I am still adding headbands, below it is finished.

Mein schwarzes koptisches Buch. Oben bin ich dabei, Kapitalbänder anzubringen, unten is’s fertig.

Und heute hat mich der Minibuchwahn gepackt: Das sind die neuesten 12 Büchlein. Sind sogar mit handgeschriebenem Inhalt gefüllt! Mehr die Umverpackung mit vorzeigbar ist.

And today I was caught in a minibook frenzy: The newest 12 books. They have  handwritten content. I’ll talk about it again when the packaging is here and the little guys are ready to get listed.

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6 Responses to Worktable Weekend

  1. dinahmow says:

    Arghh! All those numbers! I can see a certain elegance in things like moebius and some of Einsteins equations, written out on a huge board.But stuff like bank statements,grocery dockets? It “does my head in” as Londoners say.
    Nice minis,Hilke.

    • buechertiger says:

      Hi Dinah,

      I must admit that I feel a strange satisfaction if in the end the numbers in all those columns add up nicely, and the fact that addition is commutative is proven again and again. I am a little ashamed about it since I usually point out (fiercely) that mathematicians are not book keepers at all, and that I for one are not even good in adding numbers once they are at least double digit. And I would even add that I don’t like numbers and always just stuck to geometry as much as I could when it comes to doing maths. Which is true – I am grateful that I have a computer who does the adding for me – but I also can’t completely deny that ordering things in columns and looking at neatly calculated sums provide some satisfaction for me.
      Well, in this case, however, it was tedious work, extracting some things from my books which I had to do by hand – thus the printouts, and it was just boring, stupid work. Well, luckily it’s done.

      Glad you like the minis. Sorry for the blurry picture. There will be better ones soon.

  2. Lillian says:

    Love the black book! Very dramatic. :-) I also enjoy making the littlest books, but I don’t know how they can be used, and I feel I need to make some suggestions for my potential customers. What do you think?

    • buechertiger says:

      Hi Lillian,

      I am happy that you like the black book :-)
      About the little books: Those this time already have content. I made a similar edition in the past. People buy it as a gift for their significant other to carry around in a pocket or locket.
      I also already sold blank mini-books at the same scale. I advice to write their vows in their and use the same way as the finished ones. For people intimidated by the small size I also offer to write for them what ever they wish, but no-one asked for that service so far.
      Another suggestion would be to enter a blessing and give to kids, for example for a baptism or the like.
      Do you have other uses in mind?

  3. Hanna says:


    Ich mag deinen Blog! Mal was ausgefalleneres! Ich habe eine Frage, sie passt jetzt zwar nicht zu diesem Post… Ich bin gerade dabei, meine Abschlussarbeit an einer Designschule zu beenden und möchte den fertigen zwei Büchern im Format A5 nochmal einen Schuber verpassen, bin durch googeln auf deine Buchschuberanleitung von 2010 gekommen. Wenn ich meinen Buchschuber von aussen mit Papier beziehe, was für einen Kleber würdest du mir empfehlen? Habs in der letzten Woche schonmal gebaut und mit Sprühkleber versucht, wurde aber nicht so genial… Das Papier wird wohl normales Druckpapier sein, evtl. ein paar Gramm schwerer…

    Liebe Grüsse aus Rostock,

    • buechertiger says:

      Hallo Hanna,
      schön, dass dir der Blog gefällt, und dass die Anleitung dir nützlich war. Für Kaschierarbeiten benutze ich Buchbindeleim. – Ich habe dir auch eine Email geschickt mit einer ausführlicheren Antwort.
      Viel Erfolg noch!