A Saturday in the Studio

Today I spend again in the studio – oh bliss! Well, at least for most of the time: I finished assembling all the text blocks and putting in the pop-up for The City this morning. I learned one or two things about dry mount foil in the process. Next time, I want something that is repositionable!

Heute war ich mal wieder einen ganzen Tag lang in meinem Atelier zu Gange. – Wunderbar! Ich habe heute morgen die letzten Textblöcke für Die Stadt zusammengeklebt und alle Pop-Ups eingefügt. Dabei habe ich so einiges über doppelseitige Klebefolie gelernt. Zum Beispiel, dass ich das nächste Mal definit eine haben will, die erst nach kräftigem Anreiben permanent klebt.

Then I began preparing several trials for the cover. I had already decided on the construction (I think it is clever and like it, see below), but was still undecided about what book cloth to use. I decided to go with the dark green visible in the book on the left above. (There were supposed to be 4 mock-ups in the image, but the one that still rests in the box is invisible. Well, no big loss.)

Dann habe ich mich mit dem Einband beschäftigt. (Ich halte die Konstruktion für recht clever und mag sie sehr, unten mehr.) Ich war noch unentschlossen, welches Buchleinen ich nehmen will und habe deshalb mehrere Probecover gemacht (oben im Bild zu sehen). Dafür zu sorgen, dass Vorder- und Rückseite im Druck zusammenpassen ist mit meinem Drucker ein echter Alptraum. So habe ich fast den gesamten Nachmittag damit zugebracht, die Datei zu optimieren, mit der ich das Schnittmuster für die Deckel auf die Rück- und Titel und Inhaltszusammenfassung auf die Stoffseite des Buchleinen drucken will. Dann erste Versuche mit verschiedenen Leinen. Ich habe mich für das Grün entschieden. Aber gerade als ich dann alle Deckel ausdrucken wollten hat mein Drucker sich geweigert, das Leinen weiterhin einzuziehen. Der Grund blieb mir ein Rätsel, ich hoffe, morgen gibt der Drucker seinen Widerstand einfach von selbst auf.

Registration is a major nightmare with the printer I have and it took me all afternoon. When I then wanted to print the covers on the green fabric, it wouldn’t swallow the fabric anymore. I failed to find out the reason for this for another hour and then gave up. Frustrated. I’ll see whether it will work tomorrow.

At least there is another good news: My copy of 1,000 artists’ books finally reached me. I had been waiting desperately for it, since there are also two of my books featured. I have ambiguous feeling about the book, I must admit. I am proud to be included. And there are wonderful pictures in there of many, many amazing books. A very inspiring book to look through, I think. But I am also a little disappointed about the lack of explanation right at the spot where the images are located, and some pictures turned out too small to make out the details. On the other hand it is really not expensive and all in all I think it is definitely worth having it. But I am biased of course.

Aber es gab erfreuliche Neuigkeiten: Mein Exemplar von 1,000 artists’ books ist endlich angekommen. Ich hatte sehnsüchtig darauf gewartet, weil ja auch zwei meiner Bücher darin abgebildet sind. Die fehlenden Erläuterungen neben den Bildern sind eine kleine Enttäuschung, aber insgesamt ist das Buch sehr schön geworden, finde ich. Und ich bin natürlich stolz, dass meine Bücher mit dabei sind!

Detail of The CityAber nun mehr zur Einbandkonstruktion: Das Buch selbst ist als Akkordion gefaltet, und die erste und letzte Seite werden in den Deckel eingehängt. Der wiederum ist (fast) gar nicht geleimt sondern nur gefaltet, so dass man das Buch auch herausnehmen kann.

Now more about the cover construction: The book block consists of an accordion folded strip, and the first and last page are put into the cover. That is simply folded from book fabric, is made without (or rather hardly any) glue and can be taken apart and away from the book. The following image shows how it looks like when opened: There is a spine stiffener glued in – that is all glue I used.

Behind the scenesSo sieht der Einband aus, wenn man ihn auffaltet. Zur Verstärkung des Rückens ist ein Stück Karton aufgeklebt, sonst kommt die Konstruktion ganz ohne Klebstoff aus.

Das hier ist eine Vorlage: Zuerst werden die Ecken ganz außen um die letzte Seite eingeschlagen, dann die Einschläge oben und unten in die Schlitze gesteckt.cover template for The City

On the left you see the template I was using: The dotted lines get folded, the straight lines cut. – With the exception of the spine, of course, which I failed to dot. – Easy, effective, clean… I really like this construction.

I don’t remember exactly how I came to make this, and whether I saw this construction before. I already made the first mock-up like this, and this was more than half a year ago. But I think I made it up in the spirit of a glue-less cover for a flag book. I could probably find the link to that tutorial if someone is interested… edit: I used the said glue-less flag-book cover construction for my flag-book “at the bottom of the sea“. In the blog post describing it, I also linked to several instructions. The one that has the mentioned cover construction was contained in the Bonefolder Vol 2.1.

When you cut out the shape above, fold it before inserting the book. Then first fold over the outmost flaps over the last pages, top and bottom flaps go behind the book’s page. Then the top and bottom turn-in get tugged under the slits. Might sound difficult but is easy if you just try it with a mock-up. I hope you like it, too.



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2 Responses to A Saturday in the Studio

  1. Ellen says:

    So glad you got some studio time! Yeay!

    I like this cover construction too. It’s clever.

    I hope you get your printer problem sorted out soon. Ugh. So frustrating! What drives me crazy with my Epson is that it is nearly impossible to register anything back-to-back. It’s always off, and if I try to laboriously compensate… it never seems to be enough or too much or whatever. I find it extremely frustrating when I want to print something in a booklet format–especially a miniature, where even a small deviation is so obvious it ruins the book. I have a booklet I really want to do with the capsules, but for the time being I just gave up. It was driving me crazy. I have great sympathy for your frustration.

    I am anxiously awaiting my copy of the book, which I ordered from my local bookstore. I haven’t seen it yet.

    • buechertiger says:

      In my case it is back to back registration, too, that is hard to do. Such a mind numbing thing to do. I can understand why you would give up printing mini-books that would be a horrible task with my printer, too.
      But in this case it was only two pages and this problem got solved in mere hours. Now the printer is refusing to take the bookcloth. And I just cannot figure out what it might be that I did right when making the test-runs and doing wrong now that I want to print for real. And I will have to order new fabric now, since the printer ruined too much of it. Grrr.

      I am guilty of ordering through Amazon, I must admit. Maybe I would order through a local bookstore if I had one here that I really liked. There is one where I occasionally buy books, but they seem to resent me for this. I guess they hate that I walk in with a twin stroller and kids that are not necessarily sleeping and occasionally even laugh at other customers. It is not like they would be crying or making other load noises, so I don’t understand why they do not even try to help me get through the door and suggested I order through their website.
      I feel bad and apologetic for ordering through Amazon, as you can see, but the service I get there is just so much better: They are faster, cheaper, and they deliver it directly to my door. Friendly postman is even willing to carry packages into the room I appoint to him when the kids are crying and need to be carried around. What a difference to the people in the bookstore!