Lino Print on Textile Book Covers

print 009

This are now the printed covers from the lino that I cut the last two days. The oil based printing color is really a pleasure to use. The proofs on printing paper came out crisp and nice. Maybe it doesn’t look that awful after all. The one on the left which is supposed to be the front cover unfortunately shifted a little during pressing.

We’ll see how they will look like with paper in between. I’ll bind them tomorrow – the paint needs that much time to dry thoroughly.

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4 Responses to Lino Print on Textile Book Covers

  1. Ali says:

    they don’t look that bad at all – I’m sure they’re going to look lovely as a book!

  2. Carol says:

    I thought you’d had a disaster – they’ll be fine. Persevere with them, I think you’ve got a good design there. If you’d like to visit my blog you’ll find that I’ve finally written a post (only took me 6 months) and I’ve linked to your blog.

  3. dymphie says:

    those look really lovely, the covers have some kind of an 19th century feel to me.

  4. buechertiger says:

    Thanks to all three of you for the encouragement. I finished the book today but didn’t manage to get pictures ready while the light was still acceptable. I’ll show you some photos tomorrow.