Newsletter: 1st Edition is Online

I am just quickly dropping in to tell you that I finally mailed out the first edition of the newsletter. My apologies if you accidentally received it or didn’t receive it although you should have. All information about how to change your subscription, as well as an archive (immensely huge at this moment) can be accessed through the tab “Newsletter” in the top navigation bar.

I wollte nur schnell Bescheid geben, dass die erste Ausgabe meines Newsletters heute morgen versendet wurde. Wenn jemand den Brief versehentlich bekommen oder nicht bekommen hat, möchte ich mich entschuldigen! Alle Infos zum Bestellen und Abbestellen des Briefes finden sich auf der Seite, die über den Tab “Newsletter” oben in der Navigationsleiste zu erreichen ist.

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This is just a first entry to test these features.
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2 Responses to Newsletter: 1st Edition is Online

  1. Amanda says:

    It’s a lovely newsletter. Well done & congratulations!

    • buechertiger says:

      Thank you! I was rather nervous before sending it out, and writing it in English took some effort. It is good to hear you liked it.