Making of a Teeny Tiny Edition – Day 3

I didn’t get much done yesterday, was braiding sewing thread for a length of time, and then tidying up, sorting through things, not much visible progress.  But today I caught up with my schedule: It is mid-day, and I have all the covers finished. Next on schedule is the design and then the writing on the small pages.

Gestern habe ich nicht so viel geschafft, aber heute habe ich gut aufgeholt. Es ist kurz nach Mittag, und die 12 cover sind fertig. Als nächstes auf dem Program ist jetzt die Bemalung und Beschriftung der Seiten.

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2 Responses to Making of a Teeny Tiny Edition – Day 3

  1. Carol says:

    These tiny books are beautiful, and so nice to see them all laid out in their finished state. As usual, you are incredibly generous the way you share your knowledge with your readers. Carol

  2. buechertiger says:

    Carol, it is encouraging to know that you are interested in my progress :-) So I decided to keep posting little updates.