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"Spring I", 1/50, print by Amanda Watson-Will

"Spring I", 1/50, by Amanda Watson-Will

Today I want to share my joy over this beautiful print that reached me the other day. It was made by Amanda Watson-Will, an Australian artist from Brisbane.  I first found her blog when I was doing an internet search on printing. – I think, but don’t remember quite clearly. In any case, what caught my initial interest was that she was experimenting with printing with a pasta machine. – That was so funny and original. And quite representative for her blog and her writing. I like that she is experimenting a lot with techniques, materials, and media, and shares it all with us, and doesn’t spare out the drawbacks. But mostly from her experiments result such amazing prints and books. – I much admire her work. But before I sound like a complete groupie, rather check out her blog for yourself, if you don’t already know it.

Thank you very much, Amanda, for this beautiful piece of art!

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3 Responses to In My Mailbox

  1. dinahmow says:

    It’s beautiful, Hilke! Amanda really gets that jacaranda colour, doesn’t she?

  2. buechertiger says:

    I saw that your print reached you, too :-) It *is* beautiful, and I admire how she managed to capture the abstract essence of spring by showing quite concrete images of children, flowers and a trees.

  3. Amanda says:

    So glad you are happy with it Hilke! Thanks for the mention. Warm wishes.