Travel Journal No. 8, Floral Sea

I showed you yesterday pictures of how I made the slipcase, here are pictures of the finished book now.

travel 004 kleinertravel 016 kleinertravel 019 kleinerOf course you can buy it in my shop, and the promised tutorial can be downloaded from here.

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This is just a first entry to test these features.
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3 Responses to Travel Journal No. 8, Floral Sea

  1. buechertiger says:

    And another glitch, sorry: this was not intended to go online before the tutorial is finished, but now it has. I will notify you, and add the link once the work is done.

  2. cathryn miller says:

    Nice work: I really like the cord thingy that pulls the book out. That is what it does, right? :}
    I will wait patiently for the tutorial.

  3. buechertiger says:

    Thanks Cathryn, for liking the book, and for your patience :-)

    Yes this thin strip of leather pulls the book out. I make the slipcases for these travel journals very tight, so that they can be carried around in bags and backpacks without slipping out unintentionally. Therefore I had to design a method to get the books out easily when intended.