Google Wave Invites

I have some Google Wave Invites that I am going to give to my readers here.

I would like to give them to people who would enjoy participating in a joint book arts project on the wave with some other (book and journal) artsy people that are already there. We are discussing new ideas at the moment, but you have not yet missed anything.

If you read this blog (having commented here in the past also helps), and you would like to participate in such a project, then send me an email to (with b and k interchanged). Google evaluates all candidates, and admittance is not guaranteed. Create a google account if you don’t already have one. Then send me your googlemail address, and I’ll give you an invite as long as they last (at this moment I have 8 left).

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This is just a first entry to test these features.
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2 Responses to Google Wave Invites

  1. Liesan says:

    I have a google wave account now and would love to join in the bookarts project I’m just not very learned in the ways of google wave yet I would love to participate, my google address is

    I do not need another invitation to wave (obviously) but I’d love the bookarts project ;)

  2. buechertiger says:

    Nice to meet you there. I have added you to the project’s wave.

    To all others: I have several invites left. You can still get them by contacting me.