Tiger Press

Tiger Press

I’m finished with spraypainting my new tigerpress.

Now let’s see whether I still can remember how to make books…

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This is just a first entry to test these features.
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6 Responses to Tiger Press

  1. pzillig says:

    No, und hier gibt es (d)eine entsprechend fetzige Firmenhyme für den buechertiger:

  2. buechertiger says:

    I’m so sorry! I saw that there was another comment. I accidentally deleted it when I wanted to delete a spam comment on a different post. Apparently I can’t bring it back. On this platform a delete seems to be a delete.
    And I didn’t even really see what you wrote and who wrote something. Now I learned to be much more careful about that. Sorry!

    @pzillig: Hehe, eine flotte Mucke, die ich noch gar nicht kannte. Sehr hübsch!

  3. Liesan says:

    how cool is that you actually decorated your press! :D

  4. Carol says:

    Wow! That is the most amazing press I’ve ever seen. You’ve done a great job on getting it cleaned up and ready to make books. I’m sure you’ll have great success with it.

  5. buechertiger says:

    Thanks, Liesan and Carol :-)

    The design turned out more like graffiti than I had anticipated. Working with this stencil gives that effect, probably. But I still really like the looks!
    Nevertheless I’d recommend not to use spray paints. The advantage is that is was fast and easy to use. But the disadvantage is that the layer of paint is rather thin and scratches easily, as it turns out.Although it was said to be paint to be used on metal. I am thinking about giving it an additional clear finish.

  6. Billie says:

    Now that’s what I call customising!

    Well done

    Billie :)