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Worktable Weekly + Literature List

Picking up older threads. While I am waiting for a delivery of fresh paper for the Coptic binding kits, I am working on the mini pop-up book again. The magnifying glass is necessary because my eyesight isn’t as well as … Continue reading

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Bookish News From The Kids

Little Boy loves his books!

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Worktable (Not Quite) Weekly

As you might have guessed from the last post’s picture, I am working on an instructional book again. Well, I am going to make it one instruction at a time and started with one (in German) that I want to … Continue reading

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Worktable Not Weekly

I am still working. Slowly. About 2 hours, two days a week plus whatever I can do between getting the kids to bed and falling asleep which usually happens at nine pm atm. On three different projects which is a … Continue reading

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Worktable (not quite) Weekly: Width Adjustable Slipcase Fail

I had the idea to make an adjustable slipcase fort he CD cases I am making. They are little booklets, bound like pamphlets, and it would be nice to have a common slipcase to shelf several similar ones. The difficulty … Continue reading

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