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Personalized Book Series Naming Competition and Give-Away

Find a good name for my  new series of books, and win one or several of the prototypes! Conditions and rules in detail below, first I am going to describe the product to you – so that you can find … Continue reading

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Worktable Wednesday

As expected I spent a good chunk of this day thinking about a custom order, sketching the design, and photographing fabrics and papers and combinations of them. Wie erwartet habe ich heute einen großen Teil meiner Zeit mit dem Planen … Continue reading

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TWork TIn TProgress Tuesday

I don’t know yet whether there will be anything to be seen tomorrow for my Worktable Wednesday. But I had fun taking pictures today. And because I couldn’t think of a good title with T’s in it, … Ich weiß … Continue reading

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New Additions to My Shop

I have been adding a lot of notepads and a couple of CD/DVD boxes to my shop today, and will continue to add a couple more in the next days. This here is now the first CD folio that I … Continue reading

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Worktable Wednesday: Asian Stab Bindings

The day started off with writing a proposal for a custom order that was still pending. Then I decided to stock up on my Coptic Headbands book today, and write something like a tutorial for Asian stab bindings. Those stab … Continue reading

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I have been unusually silent in the last weeks, I know. This is not because I was not working but to the contrary because I have been rather busy. Ich war vielleicht ungewöhnlich still in den letzten Tagen und Wochen. … Continue reading

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Paper Repair and Philosphy

How much can you add to an item to repair it, without it loosing its identity? The classical problem is formulated by using a ship as an example: Every now and then a plank would get replaced, and by and … Continue reading

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Worktable Wednesday: I was busy and worked on different projects than planned

O.k., I admit it, I was going to cheat a little with this first real Worktable Wednesday. I had been thinking for at least the last two days about what kind of works I wanted to do today, and my … Continue reading

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Worktable Wednesday – Me too!

Elissa of Blue Roof Designs (yes, the winner of the BEST Zombie Award) started a new series on her blog which she calls Worktable Wednesday. In that series, she simply shoots some photos of what she is doing on each … Continue reading

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BEST Zombie Award

The voting for the Zombie Award is closed, and Elissa of BlueRoofDesigns won the prize with her Show Me the Mummy Accordion Book. Congratulations! It turned out that among all the interesting entries my Vampire Fangs Book received the second … Continue reading

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