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Some announcements and a short story

Tonight or tomorrow morning (depending on your time zone) I’ll close my shops for about a week, and it is the last chance to profit from my summer special on Etsy, where I am offering my travel journals with a … Continue reading

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Collaborative BEST book arts project

Yesterday I mentioned using banana paper for a new book, and now I want to show off the finished book. It is my contribution to the collaborative BEST book arts project; I wrote about the project before (here and here). … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Indirekt Gluing

Today I glued this Banana paper to book’s board. The paper is very thin and fragile. If you brushed glue onto it directly, it would probably tear under the stress with the added moisture, and even if you were really … Continue reading

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Two Books for Levi Strauss & Co.

On July 6th I received an email: Hey there I hope all is well with you, and that you don’t mind me emailing out of the blue. [...] My client is Levi Strauss, the jeans brand. They’re working on a … Continue reading

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While I am writing down my story about working for the Levi Strauss company recently (they first asked me not to blog about it, and today finally gave their o.k., that was why I was promising all the time to … Continue reading

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New Look

Yesterday I gave this blog, and along with it my homepage and shop a new look. Those of you who came here during the construction work may have encountered problems at viewing all the content. In this case I apologize. … Continue reading

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I am back from my short visit in Edinburgh. I missed the Book Festival which was sad, and plunged right into The Fringe (article on Wikipedia here) which was lucky because it was unexpected, and a lot of fun. I … Continue reading

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I posted an English version of this post already as a comment on Flickr. Just click on the photo, and you will find it! Stärkekleister ist etwas ganz wunderbares! Ich mag wie er riecht, er ist absolut ungiftig – schmeckt … Continue reading

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Travel Journal in Large

I love working on commission, and the book in the back of the above image was an especially nice commission because the customer even told me how the book will get used. I always like that. It gives me a … Continue reading

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