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Coptic Headband Instructions – Second Edition finally for Sale. My Birthday. Give Away!

It’s my birthday today! I love waking up to candle light, blowing them out, and making a wish. And I love getting presents, and calls, and congratulations from everyone. I dug out this photo from a stash of discarded pictures … Continue reading

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Monster Book Update

Apparently I was too optimistic about finishing those covers in one day. This is how they look like this morning. I am working on both at the same time, because after a few new feathers, I glue them on the … Continue reading

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Gut Ding will Weile haben

We are holding/preparing a carnival challenge among the Etsy bookbinding folk at the moment. For one or two weeks I had been searching my mind for a good idea for a carnival themed book – without finding one. By the … Continue reading

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Als ich letzten Dienstag im Regen unterwegs war, war mein Ziel ein Hobby- und Künstlermarkt auf der anderen Seite der Stadt. Eigentlich wollte ich dort Schmirgelpapier und evtl. ein bisschen buntes Papier kaufen. Aber als ich, vormals  nass und kalt, … Continue reading

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Rainy Days

The skies are hanging low here, that’s how winter in Northern Germany usually looks like. January is usually the coldest month, with crisp weather. But this year the December played that role, and January seems to try to mimic the … Continue reading

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The Girdle Book Swap Revisited

My girdle book finally has reached its destination. Those of you who can read German may already have read Peter’s review of the book here, and you can also read something about it on his own blog. Our task for … Continue reading

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Slipcase tutorial finished

Phew! It’s done. It took me longer than I thought it would, but finally the tutorial is ready to be downloaded. I hope you’ll like it! It has a lot of images and is therefore large. Please get it from … Continue reading

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Travel Journal No. 8, Floral Sea

showed you yesterday pictures of how I made the slipcase, here are pictures of the finished book now.

travel 004 kleiner Continue reading

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Making the Slipcase For Another Travel Journal

I made some photos this morning when I made the slipcase for another travel journal. I plan to write up a tutorial for making these sturdy slipcases.
choosing and cutting lining paper Continue reading

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Girdle Book Update

The book is finished and on its way to vuscor. Of course I forgot to take pictures before sending it away. Argh, I could bite my own ass, as they say here. I finished the book yesterday afternoon, but decided … Continue reading

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