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Virtual BBQ

Details now on our BEST blog. Do you join us for the barbeque?

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Tunnelbook – Template and Tutorial

I have been playing a bit with a tunnel structure that is new to me. I saw a tunnel book when I visited Bristol earlier this year that was constructed similarly. I decided to play a bit with 3D-structures, remembered … Continue reading

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BBQ Treasure Hunt on Etsy

Summer is winding down in some places and a distant hope in others, but members of the Etsy Bookbinding Street Team are ready to celebrate the hottest season by hosting a Virtual BBQ Scavenger Hunt. Next weekend starting Saturday, August … Continue reading

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Good News, Everyone: The Book Is Ready To Be Printed

I am finally finished, the book “Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands” is ready. After M. tried out the first instruction I added a bit to the troubleshooting section and also made some more pictures. Because I wanted to modify … Continue reading

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Just a brief update

Just a brief update on how things are going: I have managed to make M. try the first headband in my book “Six ways to make Coptic headbands”. With a lot of sighing he finally managed to make it. (I … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands

There it is: My first, ready bound, and printed copy of  “Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands” by Hilke Kurzke. It has 65 pages, contains 84 photos and one sketch, instructions for the usual, one-colored Coptic headband, and the five … Continue reading

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Theory – not every Thursday

Sorry! – To write a theory post once a week turned out simply too much for me. I need to work more on my current projects, and spend less time searching through the internet. The theory-category is not completely given … Continue reading

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volume 3/1989, title translates to strength, force, power, … note the screw Es ist jetzt schon bestimmt ein Vierteljahr her, vielleicht länger, dass mein Schwiegervater mir seine Exemplare der Zeitschrift Émile vermacht hat. Und ich komme erst jetzt dazu, von … Continue reading

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What do you do with books that don’t sell?

Was macht ihr mit den Büchern, die ihr früher gemacht habt und nun euren Ansprüchen nicht mehr genügen? What do you do with the books that persistently don’t sell or those that you don’t want to list anymore because you … Continue reading

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Theory Thursday: The history of Paper in Europe

Welcome back to my theory series about paper! Today I will be talking about the history of paper in Europe and about how to make paper from old clothes. Paper was first made in Asia, and the knowledge of paper … Continue reading

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