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Nachtmahr Box

 Yay! I finally finished this edition of 12 Nachtmahr Boxes. And so here comes the Nachtmahr Box story as promised. There were several reasons why I pushed off from writing this blogpost again and again. For one, it is a … Continue reading

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8 down, 4 to go – or 346 to go, depending on viewpoint

In my last post I mentioned that I was still undecided what project to concentrate next on. By now I have pretty much made my mind up: Of course the nightmare boxes need to be finished. I have 8 done … Continue reading

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What is going on

My apologies that is has been so silent here in the past couple of weeks. I am slowly recovering from our vacation, and still trying to catch up with everything that has happend in the book-o-sphere during my absence. Indeed … Continue reading

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Stone Piles

I am home from a short vacation at the English East Coast. I brought a selection of stones, sea glass, and shells with me. I tried to make my kids collect some, but they just picked them up to throw … Continue reading

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Book Art Exhibition at the Liverpool Central Library

As I mentioned to people on Facebook before: I had a wonderful Saturday in Liverpool, visiting the city and the exhibition in the Library with the whole family. I am grateful to be blessed with two children who love libraries. … Continue reading

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Progress – a little bit

The first thing I did after an almost one week break in my studio was tidying up. Not the usual make-my-work-surface-usable-again tidying up, but the and-also-the-stuff-that-is-waiting-to-be-looked-at-again tidying up, which is a  step more thorough. I tossed some really old projects … Continue reading

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Swap – Cathryn Miller, “L is for Lettering”

You might remember that when I first finished “absences“, I offered to swap it. This post is about another book that I received in return: L is for Lettering by Cathryn Miller. The bookblock is handbound (presumably without support) and … Continue reading

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Book Arts Fair in Liverpool coming up – Die Stadt/The City on display

Live goes by in a flurry once more with therapy sessions every single day this week, and no studio time for me. I am very weary of hospitals, therapy, and especially therapy dressed up as play sessions. Even my kids … Continue reading

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Nightmare Boxes Update – Thinking, Pondering

I am currently pondering how to add text to my nightmare boxes. It is another one of those projects of which I thought I would finish it in just a week and now I have been working on it for … Continue reading

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Nightmare Boxes

There is an old German spell against nightmare (or creature nightmare), which I find very fascinating. Its translation goes somewhat like this: Nightmare, you evil creature don’t come here tonight. You shall wade through all waters, You shall pick all … Continue reading

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