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This is just a first entry to test these features.


The new kit that I mentioned in the last blogpost contains an awl (so that the leather as well as the paper for the signatures can be punched). And so I ordered and tested a couple to find what I … Continue reading

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The curse of almost finished

I guess this is something we all know. – Or is that just me? I can gather up quite a force to finish a project. When I see that there is only like 20 hours necessary to finish a project, … Continue reading

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Erased – Copy 2 made by me. Making of a parchment folder

You might remember that I was going to post a making of the copy of erased that I bound (and maybe you are surprised by the first image you see here). Please accept my apologies for letting you wait for … Continue reading

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Erased – first copy finished by Zoran

A while ago, in June, I showed you pages that I made for a collaboration with Zoran Vidakovic. Erased is a short text that was erased by painting over in golden acrylics – the ascenders and descenders still peep out, … Continue reading

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Well, that was a short break! – I just can’t stay away from blogging, it seems. Not much has happend since you last heard from me. But I went shopping for needles, and I thought I’d show you what is … Continue reading

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Blog on Vacation Mode

Sigh, I have updated this blog software to version 4.0 and like others, too, I have difficulties uploading photos and other media to the blog now. At the same time I am really busy with my current projects (346 and … Continue reading

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September so far

The good news is that thread sales in September were really good so far. I have been doing this for a while, and I should get used to the sales being low during the summer, when everyone is enjoying time … Continue reading

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346 first prop finished, look what I had in the mail, and Nachtmahr Box Part II

I finished a first copy of 346 almost two weeks ago. Procastinating the blog post about the Nachtmahr box that I still owe to you, I never wrote about it. But I want to show it to you, and thought … Continue reading

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Nachtmahr Box

 Yay! I finally finished this edition of 12 Nachtmahr Boxes. And so here comes the Nachtmahr Box story as promised. There were several reasons why I pushed off from writing this blogpost again and again. For one, it is a … Continue reading

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8 down, 4 to go – or 346 to go, depending on viewpoint

In my last post I mentioned that I was still undecided what project to concentrate next on. By now I have pretty much made my mind up: Of course the nightmare boxes need to be finished. I have 8 done … Continue reading

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