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This is just a first entry to test these features.


It has been long since I wrote the last blogpost and a lot of things have piled up. Of course the longer I postponed writing, and the longer my list of topics to blog about grew, the more likely it … Continue reading

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More Printing

If you have followed this blog in the last weeks, you know that I am currently printing again. I mentioned I was working on a “more serious print”: Well, actually I decided to participate in the Bookmarks : Infiltrating the … Continue reading

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Another Print – Woman with Hat 2

Printing is a little bit like a drug. Once started, there are just so many thing to do and try and it is hard to find a way out. You think you could focus on other things (like on to … Continue reading

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New Print – Woman with Hat

Like always I am burried deep in things that need doing. My homepage needs updating, a new newsletter needs to be written, books reviewed that I bought and received during the festive season, … Yesterday evening I finished the first … Continue reading

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Good News!

I am back at my desk after a Christmas break. Currently I am working through overflowing virtual mailboxes. One of them had a great message: Absences will be part of the Artist Book Cornucopia IV at the Abecedarian Gallery in … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, and a good start into the New Year – we’ll talk in January

The last couple of weeks have not been nice here, to say the least. Little boy, hubby and I all have been sick on and off all the time. I am worst off, with just 2 days feeling well in … Continue reading

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The new kit that I mentioned in the last blogpost contains an awl (so that the leather as well as the paper for the signatures can be punched). And so I ordered and tested a couple to find what I … Continue reading

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The curse of almost finished

I guess this is something we all know. – Or is that just me? I can gather up quite a force to finish a project. When I see that there is only like 20 hours necessary to finish a project, … Continue reading

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Erased – Copy 2 made by me. Making of a parchment folder

You might remember that I was going to post a making of the copy of erased that I bound (and maybe you are surprised by the first image you see here). Please accept my apologies for letting you wait for … Continue reading

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Erased – first copy finished by Zoran

A while ago, in June, I showed you pages that I made for a collaboration with Zoran Vidakovic. Erased is a short text that was erased by painting over in golden acrylics – the ascenders and descenders still peep out, … Continue reading

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